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 Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros

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{ARC} Note

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PostSubject: Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros   Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:10 pm

Tester Deck: Six Sam

Tester Name: ARC_Note

Platform: Dev

Tier: 5/5

Deck Build: 4/10

Strat: 3/5

Creative/Original: 8/10

Ruling: 5/5

Use of Cards: 9/10

Control of Duel: 4/10

Attitude: 6/10

Results: 20/30

My opponent used his deck very well, his build is very odd but with many good and interesting tech cards his deck evens out decently. One note for his control of the duel, his deck makes Quasar first turn or doesn't at all which makes his control over the duel very low.
Overall a good series of duels going against the OG rouge deck, my opponent clearly knows where to go and how to play this deck.

Opponents Deck: Quasar

Scoring: 64 Points Congrats! Welcome to Dark Magician Black. You can retest as soon as April 23,2016
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Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros
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