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 Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: Testing Rubric    Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:07 pm

All duels must be done in the Current Konami TCG Banlist. Failure to do so will result in tester/student consequences.
The student may choose to be auto placed  into the Buster Blader Blue dorm and be tested later.
If the Tester disconnects the win goes to the testee unless it is early in the duel and vice versa, unless both agree to restart that game and/or the match (Both must use the same decks)
If you must leave during the duel for whatever reason it will result in auto placement in the Buster Blader Blue dorm WITHOUT a free test.
If you decide to wait to take your dorm placement test you will have 24 hours to take the test before being auto placed. (You may choose to be tested later without waiting for the 5 day inbetween testing standard)
If another person, bot, or player on any of the dueling locations is caught in the act of impersonating another player or fixing test results, will result in disciplinary action taken against the person doing so and the user being auto placed.


Tier 1:
Kozmo, Burning Aybss, Monarchs, Phantom Knights. (Using any support from those archetypes is considered using them just to be clear)
Tier 2:
Masked Hero, Satellarknights, Majespecters, Deskbots, Mermails, Odd eyes magician
Tier 3:
everything else



Tester Name:

Platform: (Dn, Dev, Salvation, Percy)

Tier: ?/5 (Tier 1 = 1 Point, Tier 2 = 3 Point, Tier 3 or lower = 5 Points)

Deck Build: ?/15
Strategy:  ?/5

Creativity/Originality: ?/10

Ruling: ?/5  (-2 for each ruling mistake)

Use of Cards: ?/10

Control of Duel: ?/10

Attitude: ?/10

Results of Duel: ?/30




0-45: Buster Blader Blue

46-84: Dark Magician Black

85-100: Blue Eyes Silver
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Testing Rubric
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