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 Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros

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{ARC} Note

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PostSubject: Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros   Sat May 07, 2016 1:38 am

Tester's Deck: LunaLight

Tester's Name: ARC_Note

Platform: Dev

Tier: 3/5

Deck Build: 11/15

Strat: 4/5

Creative/Original: 9/10

Ruling: 3/5

Use of Cards: 4/10

Control Of Duel: 7/10

Attitude: 7/10

Results of Duel: 0/30

Opponents Deck: Masked Fusion Heros

Comments: A very good build with good consistency..... unfortunately he bricked both games    Crying or Very sad but with the amount of deck thining he goes through he gets to his combos extremely quickly and with the form change OTK build he makes the masked heros very quickly, along with running the normal fusion heros..... it makes his boards hard to get rid of. One of the most notable things about his deck is many techs he runs and just a non traditional build in general, which makes it better than most other hero decks. Overall a good duelist with really bad luck for opening hands. Razz

Scoring:48/100 Duelist will stay in current Dark Magician Black

You may test again as of May 11, 2016
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Test Results for ARC_ZeroHeros
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