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 Test Results for ARCDeathKnight

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{ARC} Note

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PostSubject: Test Results for ARCDeathKnight   Wed May 04, 2016 10:14 pm

Tester's Deck: Majespecter

Tester's Name: ARC_Note

Platform: DevPro

Tier Points: 5/5

Deck Build: 7/15

Strat: 2/5

Creativity/Originality: 9/10

Ruling: 5/5

Use of Cards: 6/10

Control of Duel: 3/10


Duel Results: 0/30

My opponent was using a deck that at its best, in this format just cant cut it, just wanted to mention that is one of the reasons my opponent did not get a higher score, a very anti meta deck that can rely on floodgates and stall, also has very explosive plays........... on the off chance he didn't brick. But with many negations that stop his enemy's in there track, there wernt any crazy tech cards to explain, overall a fun duel against an older deck. A good duelist with a not so good deck. Cool

Opponents Deck: Hunders

Scoring: 45/100 Welcome to the Blue Dorm! You can test again on May 7, 2016 Please leave a request to duel in the request section if you want the retest asap. Thankyou for the fun duels!
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Test Results for ARCDeathKnight
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